Tournament Rule Enforcement

Today we re ran a tournament match between teams “I’m Black” and “Slow Clap”. The match started without the stream being ready. It is explicitly spelled out in our rules that all semi finals and finals MUST wait for our streaming team to provide the lobby and be on stream. They were asked to replay their match. A few streamers had a few choice words to say about the Mockit Decision but it is EXPLICITLY spelled out in our rules that everyone gets a copy of upon tournament registration. Mockit will continue to enforce its rules. As Mockit grows, rules will aid in keeping order in larger and larger tournaments. We appreciate the cooperation given by both teams. Screenshots below for rule evidence.

Furthermore, the team captains were messaged as soon as we knew that the teams were playing without being streamed. Not all members were messaged but members of both teams were. Lack of inter-team communication is an issue and in the future we will be messaging ALL parties of each team.