Mockit in 2018: expansion and revamp!

It’s a brand new year, and we’ve been busy setting up the next phase for Mockit’s expansion.

Over time Mockit has become known as a “Rocket League org”, with our pickup of the Revenge EU H1Z1 squad late last year we began our advance into new territory and began to get a feel for what other games we could move into.

Moving into the next few months we are pleased to announce our expansion into 4 new titles as well as a revamp for both our Website, Discord and Twitch and Twitter. We have some insane new talent on board and can’t wait to showcase them! We’ve cleaned up our Discord and are working on a content schedule for our Stream, which we hope will provide a variety of top level gameplay from all our new players.

We’d like to start off by announcing our Halo Team with the first of many introduction montages: