MCS Week 2 Information

We would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to the over 1,000 Entrants into the first of our quarterly MCS tournaments. The reception from the community was nothing less than AMAZING.

Additionally, we would like to extend a special thank you to the teams who qualified for week 2. The teams are as follows:

Next weeks brackets can be found here:
Americas brackets Click Here
EU Brackets Click Here

Variance from RLCS:
We thought it was a better idea to reset the entire bracket for week 2. In RLCS, the losers bracket is maintained. However, we had many comments on seeding. To make sure the seeding is 100% fair, our week 2 will be a full bracket reset.

Times are are on the smash brackets. Refer there for local times.

Official Streams will start on Tuesday, April 4th.
Streamed Matches:
On the brackets they are notated as: Winners Quarter-Final and Losers Round 4.
Essentially, the matches that punch a team’s ticket to league play will be streamed.  The brackets will be paused and the members of the teams competing will be given lobby details. Teams who are in these matches MUST BE on the Mockit Discord to receive their streaming instructions. If a match starts before a stream is ready, the match will be restarted wholly, no exceptions. Being in the discord simply allows us to disseminate information quicker. You do not need to be in voice chat.

Official Stream Channels
English –
French – hosted by Metaleak –
Dutch – hosted by TradeCentral –
Spanish –