MCS Season 2

It’s time to gear up for the second coming of the Mockit Championship Series, and this time around, we have made a few exciting changes!



1. New Region


After watching how well the Oceania region played in RLCS, it seemed only right to add the uber talented Aussies into the mix. In order to stop a potentially hellish pinged final, the OCE division will be its own tournament, presented entirely by our partner’s at Pale Horse eSports.


The teams down under will be competing for a $2,000 USD minimum prize pool.



2. Prize Pool


The North American and European divisions will remain bitter rivals as the EU teams will be looking to rebound after NA took out EU in season one. These juggernauts will be competing for a minimum prize pool of $6,000 USD.


Combined, we are proud to announce that season two of MCS will have a total prize pool in excess of $8,000 USD; this will be a tournament to remember!



3. General Tournament Changes


Signups for this long-anticipated tournament will take place over the course of three and a half weeks:

Friday, June 30th – Wednesday, July 26th


Teams will be capped at 5 players, and it is encouraged to field a full roster. We have endeavored for MCS Season Two to not be conflicting with any of the major tournaments/LAN’s across all 3 regions!


League play will only play out one night a week. This is to ensure MCS does not conflict with any summer plans you may have in store! NA will play Mondays, EU on Wednesdays, and OCE on Thursdays.



We are very excited to see how many of you Rocket League enthusiasts wish to test your skills and become the very best, like no one ever was. We had over 1,000 players battle it out in Season One, so only time will tell what this iteration will look like. We’re sure everyone, including us, will be excited to see how Season Two will play out!


Head on over to to sign up, and make sure to check out for a complete set of rules. Our admins, community managers, and moderators can be found at if you have any questions!