League Play Tiebreakers and Playoff Format

For all tiebreakers that may arise in league play, we will refer to head to head matchups in the case that two teams are tied. If this does not resolve the tie or more than two teams are tied then we will use each teams game win percentage as a tiebreaker. If this still results in a tie then the teams tied will playoff in a Best of the 3 Series (This can include more than 2 teams with a format to facilitate these teams).



The Mcs Playoffs with run the 26-27th of may. Friday the 26th with start at 7BST for the EU side with the NA to follow 30 mins after the conclusion of EU’s day 1. Day 2 on the 27th will start at 5BST and will go on to completion of the playoffs.




                                  Bo5                         Bo5

– May 26 – (Match 1 , 2 , 3 )  and the (upper final) EU and NA


                             Bo5                         Bo7                                                 Bo7                    Bo9

– May 27 – (Lower bracket finals), (grand finals) EU and NA, and world finals (lower) and (upper). 



1st Place – 40% + RLCS tickets

2nd Place – 25% + RLCS tickets

3rd Place – 15% + RLCS tickets

4th Place – 10%

5th Place – 5%

6th Place – 5%