Gaming House update, changes in early 2018

Hi everyone! We’ve been pushing hard to make big changes to our teams and procedures and we’re now in a position to help our players move to the next level.

As of the 20th March we moved four of our PUBG players into our Gaming House in Sweden. Over the last week they have been setting up the equipment and preparing to settle in for the next 3 months. Already we’ve seen fantastic progress both with their invitational status to several leagues and their individual performances in scrims or day to day games.

On another note we decided to opt out of CoD and H1Z1 for the current time. Our players in their respective games worked hard and certainly proved their skill and determination, we wish them all the best moving forwards.

Here RoryFPS shows us around the house and gives a little insight into the first day at the house, stay tuned for more and don’t forget to tune into the daily streams live from the house!