Auf Wiedersehen R6

We’re very excited to inform you about the transfer of our Rainbow Six Siege team to Na’Vi. This is such a win-win for everyone involved and we are proud of how far the team has come, from being the ORGLESS “underdogs”; to bootcamping at our Sweden gaming house; to making R6 Invitational in Montreal; to now being picked up by the likes of Natus Vincere.

“Our Rainbow Six team has shown great growth both in and out of game. We are excited to allow them to progress to the next level of their professional careers with a group the likes of NAVI.

NAVI has the tools and leadership to help them grow even more. Additionally, this makes a great impact on the Rainbow Six community. Overall this acquisition is truly a win win scenario for all.”
“We have been watching Rainbow Six for a long time — this is a great example of how an excellent esport discipline was made from just a good game. We really like the way Ubisoft works in this direction.

We will do our best to create an efficient team, which will fight on equal terms with the best teams for the trophies of major championships, in the shortest possible time. I would also like to thank the management of Mock-it Esports for professionalism in the course of negotiations.

Welcome to the yellow-black camp.”