Announcing our PUBG Team!

A growing title in both players and it’s esports scene, PUBG is moving into a position where it will begin to thrive and expand over the next few years. Whilst nothing is set in stone, we can be sure that PUBG will continue to have a heavy hand in the Battle Royale genre for the foreseeable future.

That being said, we’re proud to announce our new PUBG Team:
FATE   –   Aadje   –   RoryFPS   –   HWright   –   Maverick

With special consideration we have decided to move them into our Gaming House, located in Sweden, and will be working with them to make sure they thrive, grow and perform better than ever. Make sure to follow the Mockit Twitch, as they’ll be streaming from the House throughout the next few months!

Lastly make sure to check out their introduction montage: