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Sweden Gaming House
With our partners at Boden Business Park, we are able to host multiple teams, coaches and managers in one facility. We accommodate a number of teams on both short-term boot camps as well as long-term extended stays. The fully-fledged house includes individual player bedrooms, along with a communal kitchen and lounge area. The team is equipped with only the very best gear from our valued sponsors Arozzi and Xtrfy.




1 day ago
These are our top players from Week 9 of #R6PL, lead by Black Dragons' Drunkkzz!

Full Stats: https://t.co/jR3SF1Mrei https://t.co/lWUoAHqEMS
MockItLeague photo
2 days ago
On my way home after an awesome @MockItLeague bootcamp in Sweden.
2 days ago
Bootcamp is over and we are on our way back home. The past 2 1/2 weeks have been amazing. Massive shoutout to @MockItLeague! The Gaminghouse is incredible and we would love to come back anytime soon 🙂
2 days ago
Not into the whole edit thing but I really hope @Loomin__ @xSUND0WN @FortniteGame see this and will consider letting me join #DustyDogs in the #FallSkirmish Enjoy!💤

Representing @MockItLeague #OBCrew @OGBTC #fortnite #eSports @Xtrfy https://t.co/W8OTZguvUA
3 days ago
Join us today for some EU semi-final action between @MockItLeague and @foreverrgaming (Formerly known as Method).

The action starts at 20:30 CEST on https://t.co/98ihAi7tCA! https://t.co/UaMdPrhjzQ