Discord has been an intregal part of Mockit’s ability to interact with the gaming community. It’s been a part of everything that we do. From hosting tournaments, to bringing all kinds of teams & gamers together. We’re proud to say that Mockit’s Discord channel is the biggest community on Discord. As a result, Discord is one of our favorite partners.

Join us on our Discord channel and be a part of the fun!



Professional MMO game services by MOGs.  One of the largest selections of Currency, Power Leveling & Accounts for MMORPG players. MOGs currently offers services for Age of Conan, Aion, Ether Saga, Eve Online, EverQuest, EverQuest 2, Final Fantasy 11, Free Realms, Lineage 2 and much more.




Much like Discord, Twitch is one of the most valuable platforms for us.  It allows us to connect with gamers all over the world.  It’s where we host all of our tournaments, and even a bit of casual gaming fun with our audience.  So what are you still doing here?  Head over our Twitch channel, subscribe, and join our casters, eSports teams, and community.

Mockit Twitch


Xfer Creative Music Production Tools.  Xfer Records is a label formed in 2005 by @steve_duda and @deadmau5 for their collaborations, including music releases, sample libraries, and VST/AU Plugins.

Offering the following products:  Serum, LFO Tool, Cthulhu, and Nerve.


Razer collaborates with gamers to develop, manufacture and market cutting-edge gaming peripherals utilizing proprietary technologies that give gamers the competitive edge. Razer also proudly sponsors, supports and co-develops its high-quality gaming products in tandem with the cream of the crop in professional teams and organizations from across the globe.