Mockit Championship Series Time Updates

The MCS signups are now available on We decided to push the actual start on Monday back 1.5 hours to allow for more schedules to line up.
Questions? Come to our discord and ask one of our mods or community managers. – Alternatively you can just hit the “+” to add a server in your discord client and type mockit.
Signups Close – 11:59PM Eastern Saturday March 25th
Brackets Start – 7:30PM Eastern Monday March 27thConsoles? – PC/PS4 Only
More DetailsCheck out our new website for more info
EVEN MORE! – Camping Rusher made a great video explaining things in detail! Click Here To See It

Play Times For Brackets NA/SA
Round 1 – 7:30pm Eastern – 8:30pm Eastern March 27th
Round 2 – 8:30pm Eastern – 9:30pm Eastern March 27th
Round 3 – 9:30pm Eastern – 10:30pm Eastern March 27th
——-END OF DAY——-
Round 4 – 7:30pm Eastern – 8:30pm Eastern March 28th
Round 5 – 8:30pm Eastern – 9:30pm Eastern March 28th
Round 6 – 9:30pm Eastern – 10:30pm Eastern March 28th
——-END OF DAY——-
Continuing on in similar fashion until there are 32 teams

Play Times For Brackets EU
Round 1 – 7:30pm GMT – 8:30pm GMT March 27th
Round 2 – 8:30pm GMT – 9:30pm GMT March 27th
Round 3 – 9:30pm GMT – 10:30pm GMT March 27th
——-END OF DAY——-
Round 4 – 7:30pm GMT – 8:30pm GMT March 28th
Round 5 – 8:30pm GMT – 9:30pm GMT March 28th
Round 6 – 9:30pm GMT – 10:30pm GMT March 28th
——-END OF DAY——-
Continuing on in similar fashion until there are 32 teams

The Mockit Championship Series Outline

+ If you are a sub for a team that qualified for RLCS League Play you are NOT eligible for this tournament
+ NA and SA brackets will be combined. All matches should be played on NA servers unless both teams are SA. (We will seed the bracket so SA players are likely to play more SA)

Key Dates
+ Signups Begin Wednesday, March 22nd Here
+ Signups will Close March 26th
+ Qualifiers begin March 27th in the following time zones and will last one week.
     – NA & SA Brackets -> 6pm EDT (UTC-4:00)
     – EU Bracket -> 6pm GMT (UTC-0:00)
+ Streams begin Week 2 (April 3rd)
     – Streams will be Monday – Friday (6pm – 10pm) EDT and GMT

+ We will have a charity event April 15th. Pros will compete (opt in) during our stream in a king of the hill event. Raising money for and giving away a white hat

+ We will only have 1 week of qualifiers. After the tournament starts officially on, play the matches until you are qualified.
+ Qualifiers Start on the 27th as outlined above and will end on the 1st
+ Qualifiers will be run from 6pm – 11pm only (Eastern and GMT)(To accommodate for school schedules etc.)
+ 8 teams from NA/SA and 8 teams from EU will be taken to MCS League Play
+ League Play will be a round robin format with a playoff for top 4 for seeding purposes
+ Finals will be held online in a double elimination bracket. Servers will be hunted for meaning the Mockit Staff will find mutually agreeable servers before matches begin. Additionally, servers will be rotated between NA/SA and EU for optimized fairness
+ All league play matches will be streamed. Contestants must be in the Mockit Discord to streamline communication prior to each stream. Players DO NOT need to be in the discord while playing their matches.
+ For additional rules regarding SOP please refer to
+ All Matches in league play will be streamed on these channels
   – English   ->

   – French    ->
   – Spanish  ->
   – Dutch      ->


DISCLAIMER: MCS is not affiliated with RLCS, NGE, Twitch Inc., or Psyonix, Inc


Mockit Championship Series Announced

As League Play commences for the fabled RLCS, the community finds itself in a very awkward position. This RLCS qualifying season was a strange one; more upsets than anyone could have ever imagined. To that end, many heart broken and demoralized fans watched their favorite teams start to disband. We at Mockit think this is highly detrimental to the future stability of the Rocket League scene, so we are starting the MCS!

Here are the tentative details. More details and full outline will be available soon.

+ Rules will be formally announced soon, but you can use the RLCS official rules as a template to what the MCS rules will look like.
+ If you are registered on a team that made League Play for RLCS you CANNOT enter the MCS!

+ South America
+ North America
+ Europe
+ Must be 15 years of age of older

+ Streams will be cast in a variety of languages all at the same time on different twitch channels. This is so viewers who have a preference of language can watch in a more relaxed fashion.
   Tentative Languages
   + Spanish
   + French
   + Dutch
   + English
If you would like to apply to be a caster for the MCS, please email

+ The initial prize is set at $5,000, however, all donations received during MCS official streams will go directly to the prize pool. That’s right. ALL DONATIONS!. So the final prize will be much more than $5,000 done through Matcherino
+ RLCS Live Final Tickets (conditions apply)

+ We will be streaming on multiple channels in multiple languages.
+ Tentative schedule is Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday 7:00pm  – 10:00PM Eastern and BST times

+ 2 weeks of qualifiers followed by 4 weeks of league play (Similar to that of RLCS)
+ There will be Separate SA, NA, and EU League Play.
+ Finals will be decided via a fair online way TBD. May 27th and 28th

Enough talking, when can we sign up?
+ Sign ups will be announced at the beginning of next week.

*Disclaimer: The Mockit Championship Series is not affiliated with Twitch Interactive, Inc. or Psyonix, Inc. in anyway shape, form or fashion.


New Mockit Website Design Launched

Introducing the new and improved website!  After Mockit Aces made the season 2 grand finals, the Mockit eSports organization decided that it was time for a branding and website makeover.  Over the course of a few months, the old website just didn’t seem like a good fit for Mockit eSports.  In addition to that, the website was recently moved over to a different hosting provider – and as a result, it started to perform slowly in terms of speed.

New website design built by BitVisuals Web Design & Internet Marketing

The following summary written by BitVisuals:

Website Design & Internet MarketingWhen planning the design for the new website, I focused mainly on unifying the new website design with the recently updated logo design.  Secondly, there needed to be several improvements regarding the website’s speed, SEO, and user experience.  As with every website design, I started by putting together a design mock-up for the home page.  We wanted to keep the focus on 3 things:  The Mockit Twitch stream, the Mockit Discord channel, and overall Mockit news.  After implementing these 3 things, I felt that there needed to be something to make the design different from the rest of the eSports team websites.  With a little trial and error, I finally put together a custom looping video background for the home page – and that definitely did the trick.  The home page instantly created a lasting impression with the new background.  From that point forward, the rest of the website design came together nicely.

Website Speed, Search Engine Optimization, and Usability

This part of the design process was pretty simple.  Since the website was built with speed in mind – there wasn’t much configuration needed for this.  I simply chose a template that didn’t utilize resource intensive plugins or javascript.  Make the website simple, and website speed will follow naturally.

The SEO process was also pretty simple.  Since the old Mockit website was only about 6 months old, I simply transferred all of the old posts and pages over to the new website.  After adjusting the page titles, image alt tags, and heading tags, the site was ready to be launched.  This of course is a simplified explanation of the design process.

Once finished and launched, the improvements to this website compared to the old one were immediately noticeable.  A brand refresh and website re-design is exactly what Mockit needed.

Contact BitVisuals Web Design & Internet Marketing for more information.

Mockit eSports RLCS Sweepstakes

Hello Mockit Headz,

It has been a while since our last update, but we promise you the wait has been worth it. Today we would like to announce something very special to our fans. We are doing a huge Sweepstakes.

Want to go to Rocket League Championship Series LAN but don’t know how? Well, the answer is right here!

You have the chance to WIN a free trip to the RLCS LAN! 

It has been an amazing 2016 so far in Rocket League and especially for us here at Mockit eSports. We love our fans and we want to send you to HOLLYWOOD! Here is how to enter.

Step 1:
Make a youtube video titled “I am the biggest Mockit eSports Fan”

Step 2:
In the video explain why you are the most die hard of all Mockit eSports fans and why you in particular deserve to go above all others.

Step 3:
Post the video by July 21st at 11:59 PM EST to twitter by tagging @mockitleague and @realLuckey with the hashtag #BiggestMockitFan and we will pick a winner two weeks before the RLCS LAN!

Video Requirements

  • At least 60 seconds in length
  • No longer than 5 minutes in length
  • You must speak to the camera directly (no voice overs, we want to see you!)
  • Bonus points for: Extreme Creativity

Be as creative and wacky as possible. The video we feel exemplifies the culture we have at Mockit eSports will win! 

What do I get if I win?

  • Roundtrip airfare to the event
  • Two nights hotel stay
  • An exclusive meet and greet with the Mockit eSports Pro Teams
  • $200 per diem for meals
  • Mockit eSports Pro Team Jersey
  • (1) General admission ticket to the event


  • You must be 18 years of age by July 25th 2016
  • You must be a legal US resident
  • You must live within the contiguous 48 states
  • You must sign a release of liability waiver before flight booking

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

The Mockit Team

P.S. We are happy to take submission for people who do not meet the required stipulations. We will do a secondary prize for non-residents and underage folks with a really cool discord role and a Mockit eSports special edition jersey with their gamer tag on it!

This sweepstakes is not endorsed by or affiliated with Twitch Interactive, Inc., Psyonix, or the Rocket League Championship Series.

Mockit Begins Streaming New Community Game On Twitch!

Hello Mockit Headz!

Recently, Luckey and the NA Pro team went to PAX East. There we met up with a great company called Proletariat Games. They are very focused on community driven gaming. Their new game is called Streamline. It allows our streaming community to be put in the drivers seat of every match! Here are some of the cool features.

+Betting on your favorite person to win
+Twitch chat can vote on the rules of the game REAL TIME!
-Want the floor to be lava, simple vote for it in chat.
-Want there to be zero gravity, put it in chat.
+Audience members can team up against the streamer to beat them!

This game truly embodies our community ETHOS. Give the people what they want! And Proletariat Games in Hell bent on this mission.
Streamline is in Pre-Alpha but Mockit has been given a unique opportunity to get early access to our fans. We were given around 30 keys. 5+ of these keys are for the stream team, and 20 or so will go to the community! We will retain a buffer of 5 keys for giveaways and such after our first game.

Here are the details of this new stuff!
Time: May 15 8:00PM EST
Where: Mockit Twitch
How do I get a free key: We will be releasing keys on the morning of May 15th. We will use a priority queue. Mockit’s biggest fans will get the keys first.
Premium Priority
+Patreon Contributors that are on the 4th or higher tier will get first priority! Our patreon campaign can be found here.
Priority A
+People who have subbed to both twitch and and are also patreons of 3rd tier or higher
Priority B
+People who have subbed to both twitch and and are 2nd tier patreons

After that if there are any keys left, we will do a drawing. These keys are first come first serve. Some have already been given away. Again this game is pre-alpha and cannot be purchased.

Stay tuned for more details

_Mockit MGMT

Mockit Announces New Vegas LAN Events

Hello Mockit Headz,

Today we announce our first Vegas LAN tournament in conjunction with the Downtown Grand Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This process took a few weeks but the Downtown Grand has carved out space for us on the casino floor and made an eSports Lounge.

Tonight’s broadcast will be on Twitch at

This event is only open to people who are 18 and above for now. Nevada Gaming Commission regulations stipulate this, but updates will be forth coming.

Our inaugural event will be a $250 Prize in a 1v1 tournament setting in person at the downtown grand. We will be streaming the event live also. The event will start at 8pm PST.

We will be commencing regularly scheduled LANs with a soon to come Championship LAN announcement coming in May.

Stay tuned and good luck!

Mockit League Update ft. Deadmau5 and Barnacules

Hello Mockit Headz,

Time for a much anticipated update. Mockit league has partnered with a new streaming platform. and Mockit have partnered to bring you the very best in eSports tournament entertainment. and it’s unique technology will allow our fans to be closer to the action like never before. With their unique approach to multistream, you won’t feel like you missed a single bit of the action. Additionally, for players, no more waiting around for your game to be streamed. Get in the action and stay there! All North American Mockit Streams will be migrated to starting April 18th. To help kick this off we have a very special treat for our viewers.

NOTE: All non-North American events will still be on twitch! During the next two weeks we will start ramping up our new EU segment of mockit with 6 streams per week. The first of those streams will be on Monday 5pm GMT with Mockit’s very own JohnnyBoi_i and a special guest.

On April 19th we will be kicking off our special guest games for our new partnership with some new twists on old games.

April 19th, we will be streaming from deadmau5’s brand new eSports studio. Also a good friend of mockit Jerry aka Barnacules (a huge youtube legend) will be helping us out from his studio!
Our newest game type is called king of the mau5trap.
Here is how it will work

Level I: Beat deadmau5 in a 1v1 match || Advance to Level II
Level II: Beat Low5ive in a 1v1 match || $5 & Advance to Level III
Level III: Beat Low5ive and deadmau5 in a 2v1 match || $50 Steam Giftcard And eternal Glory
Casters: Izzail, kerrytaz, Barnacules

On April 20th we will be doing our regular 2v2 tournament at night but during the day we will do whatever feels good.
Casters: Izzail, kerrytaz, Barnacules, deadmau5
All other rules are the same.

April 21st we will wind down our fun with some more randomness.

FYI our patreon patrons had this information over 24 hours ago. Our new patreon campaigns are focused on getting fans closer to the action. With exclusive news breaks, fun events, and special experiences throughout the month. If you are interested in becoming a patreon head on over to

Also, to jump into our early go to the homepage of and click on the banner to see our channel.

As always keep being AWESOME!


Low5ive’s Editing Contest Results

The Results Are In!


First off, I want to thank everyone for their submissions.  I had a little over 40 submissions and they were all awesome to watch, thank you guys so much for putting your best efforts in.  I had a lot of trouble selecting these top three, to be honest–too many of you submitted awesome videos.

That said, I think the following three excelled.  These guys created some awesome videos, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Without further ado…



3)  Little Cat Steps


Little Cat Steps really showed what you can do with minimal editing here.  Some of the takes in this video were gorgeous enough to print and frame on a wall.



2) Synergy Ollie


Super fun edit and awesome song choice!  I can’t wait to see what this guy pulls out next.  Head’s up, Ollie–we’ll have to make the Mock-it ‘tage royalty free 😉



And our $100 winner….

1) Storm.



It speaks for itself.


Congrats to these three and job well done, these videos were super fun to watch! I’ll be emailing the “Teamtage” clips for the next phase in about a week to the emails from which you submitted for another shot at more cash and a chance at a part-time job on the Creative Team for Mock-it.


Cheers, guys.  This was a blast, looking forward to round 2.


William “Low5ive” Copeland



Honorable Mention: 

IsaacEdits submitted this hilarious take on the montage, I couldn’t NOT post it.  Check it out.


Izzail’s Blog

Hello there Mockit lovers and Rocketleague enthusiasts,

My name is Izzail and I am the Play by Play shoutcaster for Mockitleage. We look to be starting blog posts so I thought I would make the first one about myself so that you might get to know me better. My real name is Chris and I am Canadian if you didn’t already know. I am an old guy who is 30 but feel young at heart and love the esports scene. I got into rocket league at the launch but am new to the esports casting scene. Mockit was amazing enough to give me the opportunity to try my hand at it and I fell in love with it instantly. I have had alot of great responses from the viewers and players and I would sincerely like to say thank you to everyone. I was paired up with some guy named Kerrytaz on my first tournament broadcast and the chemistry we formed right away was something special and has lead to us in the opinion of many becoming the leading pair in Rocketleague commentary. We continue to run 3 tournaments a week and continue to see the participants and viewers growing with each cast. The future is looking bright for Rocketleague and and i am super happy to be a part of it. I will continue to write blog posts for all of you let me know what you want to hear about in the comments below.