Important Times to Know for Each Tourney:

*EDT is equivalent to UTC-4, EST is equivalent to UTC-5, and PDT is equivalent to UTC-7*

Monday-Wednesday (1v1 and 2v2):

Signups end: 5:45 PM EST (4:45 CDT, 2:45 PDT)

Check-in: 5:00-5:30PM EST (4:00-4:30PM CDT, 2:00-2:30PM PDT)

Brackets Released, Tourney Start Time: 6 PM EST (5 PM CDT, 3 PM PDT)

International Saturday (3v3) :

Signups end: 2:30 PM EST (1:30 PM CDT, 11:30 PM PDT)

Check-in: 2:00-2:45PM EST (1:00-1:45PM CDT, 11:00-11:45PM PDT)

Brackets Released, Tourney Start Time: 3 PM EST (2 PM CDT, 12 PM PDT)

What if I signed up solo but I have a team now?

There are a few ways to get your signup changed so you can be with your team.  First, you can alert a mod to change your signup that you submitted to include your teammates and team name.  This is the most preferable way, as it allows mods to see the change and not accidentally include you on both a solo team and your team.  If the mods are busy, you can re-sign up with your team, but this is problematic due to the possibility of being put on two teams.  However, if signups have already ended (5 PM EST on Monday & Wednesday, 4 PM EST on Saturday), you cannot change your signup, and you will be a part of a solo team.

How do I check-in?

During the Checkin period for the Tournament head to the Tournament setup text channel and type !checkin. If 1v1 Tournament you will checkin yourself. If it is the 2v2 or 3v3 the team captain checks in his team.

How do I know if I’m checked in?
Type !signuplist in tournament info. In the checked in column reads 1 beside your name you are checked in. 0 means you are not.

What do I do if the other team/participant isn’t responding?

If the other team is not responding after using ALL means of communication available (such as discord direct message, tagging them with @ in a text channel, etc), you can contact a CM or mod and they will start a timer (usually 10 minutes) after they have tried to contact the other team.  If the other team does not respond before the timer runs out, your team will win through forfeit and shall be moved on to the next round.

How long do I have to wait before starting matches?

Unless you are told otherwise by the casters or the mods, you can start your matches once the bracket comes out (6 PM EST on Monday & Wednesday, 3 PM EST on Saturday).  If you are told to hold off on your match, please wait and listen to what the casters/mods have to say.  You will be told to hold off on your match through Discord’s direct messages.

Where can I sign up for Mock-it League tournaments?

You can sign up for any tournament through our discord’s #tournament-sign-ups text channel, or you can sign up for the regular tournaments through our website mockit.gg.

How do we know who our teammates are if I’m signed up solo?

Not long before the bracket is released, the solo teams will be made in the google document, the same one that shows whether you are here or not.  The solo teams are put at the top of the document, and they are roughly made off of skill.  They are named as Solo Team A,B and so on.  To contact your teammates, look for their discord name and confirm that you 2 or 3 are in a team together.  However, you do not need to friend or even be on the same platform as your teammates, as Mock-it uses private matches joinable by username and password to complete its tournaments.

How can I play with a sub without violating Mock-it’s rules?

First, you need to not be in the middle of a series, because switching teammates midway through a series will get you disqualified.  Second, you cannot use a sub that is not in your general skill range (i.e. he cannot carry your team or be carried by your team).  Next, you need to alert a mod or CM that you need to use a sub.  Once they are aware of that you need a sub and who the sub is, you can use that sub for as long as necessary.  If you want to switch back to your normal third player, please alert a mod or CM that you are doing so, and it will be allowed.

Can I directly report my scores into the bracket?

Yes, and this function helps the mods tremendously.  Simply report your scores with the following command in the #report-scores-here text channel (without the brackets or bolded text): !reportscores [match number] [top team games won] – [bottom team games won]  (for example, if you want match 3, top team scored 1 win, bottom team scored 2 wins: !reportscores 3 1-2) .  This helps the bracket get updated much faster, lessens the workload on the mods, and makes the tournament run smoother.  The bot will respond with the match number, and the final score as teamOne x-y teamTwo.

What do I do if I accidentally reported the score wrong?

Simply enter the command again with the correction and it will correct itself.  If you accidentally entered the wrong match number, please contact a CM or Moderator immediately.   Do note that if you deliberately use the !reportscores function to report the wrong score, it can and will lead to a disqualification from the tournament and possible bans from future Mock-it League events.