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Announcing our PUBG Team!

A growing title in both players and it’s esports scene, PUBG is moving into a position where it will begin to thrive and expand over the next few years. Whilst nothing is set in stone, we can be sure that PUBG will continue to have a heavy hand in the Battle Royale genre for the foreseeable future.

That being said, we’re proud to announce our new PUBG Team:
FATE   –   Aadje   –   RoryFPS   –   HWright   –   Maverick

With special consideration we have decided to move them into our Gaming House, located in Sweden, and will be working with them to make sure they thrive, grow and perform better than ever. Make sure to follow the Mockit Twitch, as they’ll be streaming from the House throughout the next few months!

Lastly make sure to check out their introduction montage:

Mockit in 2018: expansion and revamp!

It’s a brand new year, and we’ve been busy setting up the next phase for Mockit’s expansion.

Over time Mockit has become known as a “Rocket League org”, with our pickup of the Revenge EU H1Z1 squad late last year we began our advance into new territory and began to get a feel for what other games we could move into.

Moving into the next few months we are pleased to announce our expansion into 4 new titles as well as a revamp for both our Website, Discord and Twitch and Twitter. We have some insane new talent on board and can’t wait to showcase them! We’ve cleaned up our Discord and are working on a content schedule for our Stream, which we hope will provide a variety of top level gameplay from all our new players.

We’d like to start off by announcing our Halo Team with the first of many introduction montages:

Mockit Esports Announces Pale Horse Esports Acquisition

We are proud to officially announce the Mock-It Esports (“Mock-It”) acquisition of Pale Horse Esports (“Pale Horse”) effective Friday 17th November 2017.


Pale Horse was founded in 2014 as a community organisation and participated in the Arma series and Insurgency. At the start of 2017, Pale Horse hosted various top quality Rocket League tournaments in the Oceanic region and subsequently entered the competitive esports scene, sporting teams in various games such as Call of Duty (North American), Rocket League (Oceania), Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive (Oceania) and H1Z1: King of the Kill (Oceania). With recent successes, the Pale Horse Rocket League team has proven itself as the top 2 team in the region, representing Oceania at the Rocket League Championship Series World Cup Season 4 in Washington D.C.


“The Mock-It Esports acquisition of Pale Horse is beneficial for all parties involved”
Dr. Christopher Si, Co-Owner & Operations Manager of Pale Horse. “We see that Mock-It acquire quality assets and the (ex)Pale Horse Call of Duty, Counter-Strike Global-Offensive and H1Z1: King of the Kill teams would be exposed to greater resources under the stewardship of a larger and more experienced organisation, creating room for growth, sustainability and positive interests for potential investors”.


Pale Horse management, contractors, agents, suppliers, and personnel will be briefed individually with continued ongoing work subjected to case-by case basis discussions.

The Pale Horse Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive and H1Z1: King of the Kill teams and players will enter contract renegotiations with potential transfers to the Mock-It brand.


The Pale Horse Rocket League team will remain a separate legal entity under the administration of a management team not associated to Mock-It Esports. The team continues to look towards future ESL, Throwdown & RLCS Tournaments following recent experience at the World Cup in Washington D.C. with Co-branding of Mock-it associated but not Co-mingled (to comply with current RLCS rules).


“We have previously worked closely with Marshall and the Mock-It team during the Oceania Division of MCS (Mock-It Championship Series) and with this acquisition it solidifies our collaborative relationship to help grow the brand exponentially”. Phil Gold, Founder & General Manager of Pale Horse Esports.


“The acquisition of Pale Horse exemplifies our determination to increase our foothold in the competitive esports market.  With offices in North America, China and now Australia we are truly an international organisation with the ability to span our reach across multiple borders into a multitude of regions”. Marshall Long, CEO of Mock-It Esports.


Announcements will follow in regards to personnel, stakeholder and professional team movements. All media enquiries can be sent through to Mock-It Esports.


Caster’s Corner Episode 1

As week 2 of MCS draws ever closer we begin to contemplate the possibilities of who will make league play and even win the title of MCS Champion Season 1.

The talent level in the MCS is undeniable and it goes to show how good this scene is becoming. With
NA teams like
Iris  (Lachinio,Squishy,Torment)
Ohana  – (HotwheelsSid,Moses,Dudewiththenose)
And EU teams
Urban Myths – (Doomsee,Sedadam,Bluey)
RedEye – (Dadooh,Tequilaz,X3MW)

its easy to see that this tourney will be unbelievable.

After week 2 we will narrow the field down to 16 teams, 8 in each division. This will give us 4 weeks of exciting league play where the combatants will duel it out 4 nights a week to stake their claim at the over $5000 prize.
Its not an easy road, but it is a rewarding one to the team that can maintain the mental fortitude needed to obtain the ultimate prize. Season 1 MCS Champion. Who will it be? My favorites have to be the teams already mentioned but favorites do lose as seen in the recent RLCS tournament. Other notable teams would have to be NA : Nova, Freestylers in Disguise, Heroes of Tomorrow, Eggplant , LIFE , Toxicity and Spectrum. While EU boasts teams like Rex Gaming , Copenhagen Flames, Retry, Planetkey Dynamics , OneTrickPony and eff0rt. All and all this sets up to be a memorable event for players and fans. Having this streamed in four languages will definitely add to the excitement. Lets see what the next few months has in store for us.

MCS Week 2 Information

We would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to the over 1,000 Entrants into the first of our quarterly MCS tournaments. The reception from the community was nothing less than AMAZING.

Additionally, we would like to extend a special thank you to the teams who qualified for week 2. The teams are as follows:

Next weeks brackets can be found here:
Americas brackets Click Here
EU Brackets Click Here

Variance from RLCS:
We thought it was a better idea to reset the entire bracket for week 2. In RLCS, the losers bracket is maintained. However, we had many comments on seeding. To make sure the seeding is 100% fair, our week 2 will be a full bracket reset.

Times are are on the smash brackets. Refer there for local times.

Official Streams will start on Tuesday, April 4th.
Streamed Matches:
On the brackets they are notated as: Winners Quarter-Final and Losers Round 4.
Essentially, the matches that punch a team’s ticket to league play will be streamed.  The brackets will be paused and the members of the teams competing will be given lobby details. Teams who are in these matches MUST BE on the Mockit Discord to receive their streaming instructions. If a match starts before a stream is ready, the match will be restarted wholly, no exceptions. Being in the discord simply allows us to disseminate information quicker. You do not need to be in voice chat.

Official Stream Channels
English –
French – hosted by Metaleak –
Dutch – hosted by TradeCentral –
Spanish –

MCS Update & FAQ

Signups have officially closed. We are happy to announce we have had over 1,000 individuals sign up for our new tournament series.

Bracket Times Update
NA/SA Brackets –
March 27th
Winners Round 1 – 8:00pm EDT – 9:00pm EDT
Winners Round 2/Losers Round 1 – 9:00pm EDT – 10:00pm EDT
March 28th
Winners Round 3/Losers Round 2 – 8:00pm EDT – 9:00pm EDT
Winners Round 4/Losers Round 3 – 9:00pm EDT – 10:00pm EDT
March 29th
Losers Round 4 – 8:00pm Eastern – 9:00pm EDT
Losers Round 5 – 9:00pm Eastern – 10:00pm EDT

*Brackets will advance as quickly as both teams are avaible to advance. The tournament may progress quicker than 3 days. (Is anticipated to do so)

EU Brackets –
March 27th
Winners Round 1 – 7:00pm BST- 8:00pm BST
Winners Round 2/Losers Round 1 – 8:00pm BST- 9:00pm BST
March 28th
Winners Round 3/Losers Round 2 – 7:00pm BST- 8:00pm BST
Losers Round 3 – 8:00pm BST- 9:00pm BST
March 29th
Losers Round 4 – 7:00pm BST- 8:00pm BST

Prize Pool Distribution (Per Team) 
1st Prize – 40% – RLCS Live Final Tickets
2nd Prize – 25% – RLCS Live Final Tickets
3rd Prize – 15% – RLCS Live Final Tickets
4th Prize – 10%
5th Prize – 5%
6th Prize – 5%
*Disclaimer: All Donations given during MCS streams will go directly to the prize pool. Total prize is expected to be more than $5,000

RLCS Ticket Clarification
Some Prizes include RLCS live final tickets for only the three starters on the roster. No flights nor hotel rooms nor food will be comp’d. Tickets will be issued via email after the MCS online finals.

During the tournament, what if I need help?
Using the in bracket “message moderator” buttons are the quickest option. Our Moderation staff will be on during all live brackets. Additionally, using our discord is another option.

Mockit Championship Series Time Updates

The MCS signups are now available on We decided to push the actual start on Monday back 1.5 hours to allow for more schedules to line up.
Questions? Come to our discord and ask one of our mods or community managers. – Alternatively you can just hit the “+” to add a server in your discord client and type mockit.
Signups Close – 11:59PM Eastern Saturday March 25th
Brackets Start – 7:30PM Eastern Monday March 27thConsoles? – PC/PS4 Only
More DetailsCheck out our new website for more info
EVEN MORE! – Camping Rusher made a great video explaining things in detail! Click Here To See It

Play Times For Brackets NA/SA
Round 1 – 7:30pm Eastern – 8:30pm Eastern March 27th
Round 2 – 8:30pm Eastern – 9:30pm Eastern March 27th
Round 3 – 9:30pm Eastern – 10:30pm Eastern March 27th
——-END OF DAY——-
Round 4 – 7:30pm Eastern – 8:30pm Eastern March 28th
Round 5 – 8:30pm Eastern – 9:30pm Eastern March 28th
Round 6 – 9:30pm Eastern – 10:30pm Eastern March 28th
——-END OF DAY——-
Continuing on in similar fashion until there are 32 teams

Play Times For Brackets EU
Round 1 – 7:30pm GMT – 8:30pm GMT March 27th
Round 2 – 8:30pm GMT – 9:30pm GMT March 27th
Round 3 – 9:30pm GMT – 10:30pm GMT March 27th
——-END OF DAY——-
Round 4 – 7:30pm GMT – 8:30pm GMT March 28th
Round 5 – 8:30pm GMT – 9:30pm GMT March 28th
Round 6 – 9:30pm GMT – 10:30pm GMT March 28th
——-END OF DAY——-
Continuing on in similar fashion until there are 32 teams

The Mockit Championship Series Outline

+ If you are a sub for a team that qualified for RLCS League Play you are NOT eligible for this tournament
+ NA and SA brackets will be combined. All matches should be played on NA servers unless both teams are SA. (We will seed the bracket so SA players are likely to play more SA)

Key Dates
+ Signups Begin Wednesday, March 22nd Here
+ Signups will Close March 26th
+ Qualifiers begin March 27th in the following time zones and will last one week.
     – NA & SA Brackets -> 6pm EDT (UTC-4:00)
     – EU Bracket -> 6pm GMT (UTC-0:00)
+ Streams begin Week 2 (April 3rd)
     – Streams will be Monday – Friday (6pm – 10pm) EDT and GMT

+ We will have a charity event April 15th. Pros will compete (opt in) during our stream in a king of the hill event. Raising money for and giving away a white hat

+ We will only have 1 week of qualifiers. After the tournament starts officially on, play the matches until you are qualified.
+ Qualifiers Start on the 27th as outlined above and will end on the 1st
+ Qualifiers will be run from 6pm – 11pm only (Eastern and GMT)(To accommodate for school schedules etc.)
+ 8 teams from NA/SA and 8 teams from EU will be taken to MCS League Play
+ League Play will be a round robin format with a playoff for top 4 for seeding purposes
+ Finals will be held online in a double elimination bracket. Servers will be hunted for meaning the Mockit Staff will find mutually agreeable servers before matches begin. Additionally, servers will be rotated between NA/SA and EU for optimized fairness
+ All league play matches will be streamed. Contestants must be in the Mockit Discord to streamline communication prior to each stream. Players DO NOT need to be in the discord while playing their matches.
+ For additional rules regarding SOP please refer to
+ All Matches in league play will be streamed on these channels
   – English   ->

   – French    ->
   – Spanish  ->
   – Dutch      ->


DISCLAIMER: MCS is not affiliated with RLCS, NGE, Twitch Inc., or Psyonix, Inc


Mockit Championship Series Announced

As League Play commences for the fabled RLCS, the community finds itself in a very awkward position. This RLCS qualifying season was a strange one; more upsets than anyone could have ever imagined. To that end, many heart broken and demoralized fans watched their favorite teams start to disband. We at Mockit think this is highly detrimental to the future stability of the Rocket League scene, so we are starting the MCS!

Here are the tentative details. More details and full outline will be available soon.

+ Rules will be formally announced soon, but you can use the RLCS official rules as a template to what the MCS rules will look like.
+ If you are registered on a team that made League Play for RLCS you CANNOT enter the MCS!

+ South America
+ North America
+ Europe
+ Must be 15 years of age of older

+ Streams will be cast in a variety of languages all at the same time on different twitch channels. This is so viewers who have a preference of language can watch in a more relaxed fashion.
   Tentative Languages
   + Spanish
   + French
   + Dutch
   + English
If you would like to apply to be a caster for the MCS, please email

+ The initial prize is set at $5,000, however, all donations received during MCS official streams will go directly to the prize pool. That’s right. ALL DONATIONS!. So the final prize will be much more than $5,000 done through Matcherino
+ RLCS Live Final Tickets (conditions apply)

+ We will be streaming on multiple channels in multiple languages.
+ Tentative schedule is Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday 7:00pm  – 10:00PM Eastern and BST times

+ 2 weeks of qualifiers followed by 4 weeks of league play (Similar to that of RLCS)
+ There will be Separate SA, NA, and EU League Play.
+ Finals will be decided via a fair online way TBD. May 27th and 28th

Enough talking, when can we sign up?
+ Sign ups will be announced at the beginning of next week.

*Disclaimer: The Mockit Championship Series is not affiliated with Twitch Interactive, Inc. or Psyonix, Inc. in anyway shape, form or fashion.


New Mockit Website Design Launched

Introducing the new and improved website!  After Mockit Aces made the season 2 grand finals, the Mockit eSports organization decided that it was time for a branding and website makeover.  Over the course of a few months, the old website just didn’t seem like a good fit for Mockit eSports.  In addition to that, the website was recently moved over to a different hosting provider – and as a result, it started to perform slowly in terms of speed.

New website design built by BitVisuals Web Design & Internet Marketing

The following summary written by BitVisuals:

Website Design & Internet MarketingWhen planning the design for the new website, I focused mainly on unifying the new website design with the recently updated logo design.  Secondly, there needed to be several improvements regarding the website’s speed, SEO, and user experience.  As with every website design, I started by putting together a design mock-up for the home page.  We wanted to keep the focus on 3 things:  The Mockit Twitch stream, the Mockit Discord channel, and overall Mockit news.  After implementing these 3 things, I felt that there needed to be something to make the design different from the rest of the eSports team websites.  With a little trial and error, I finally put together a custom looping video background for the home page – and that definitely did the trick.  The home page instantly created a lasting impression with the new background.  From that point forward, the rest of the website design came together nicely.

Website Speed, Search Engine Optimization, and Usability

This part of the design process was pretty simple.  Since the website was built with speed in mind – there wasn’t much configuration needed for this.  I simply chose a template that didn’t utilize resource intensive plugins or javascript.  Make the website simple, and website speed will follow naturally.

The SEO process was also pretty simple.  Since the old Mockit website was only about 6 months old, I simply transferred all of the old posts and pages over to the new website.  After adjusting the page titles, image alt tags, and heading tags, the site was ready to be launched.  This of course is a simplified explanation of the design process.

Once finished and launched, the improvements to this website compared to the old one were immediately noticeable.  A brand refresh and website re-design is exactly what Mockit needed.

Contact BitVisuals Web Design & Internet Marketing for more information.