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Tournament Rule Enforcement

Today we re ran a tournament match between teams “I’m Black” and “Slow Clap”. The match started without the stream being ready. It is explicitly spelled out in our rules that all semi finals and finals MUST wait for our streaming team to provide the lobby and be on stream. They were asked to replay their match. A few streamers had a few choice words to say about the Mockit Decision but it is EXPLICITLY spelled out in our rules that everyone gets a copy of upon tournament registration. Mockit will continue to enforce its rules. As Mockit grows, rules will aid in keeping order in larger and larger tournaments. We appreciate the cooperation given by both teams. Screenshots below for rule evidence.

Furthermore, the team captains were messaged as soon as we knew that the teams were playing without being streamed. Not all members were messaged but members of both teams were. Lack of inter-team communication is an issue and in the future we will be messaging ALL parties of each team.


Mockit Esports Signs New EU Team

                                                                                                                          For Immediate Release March 13th, 2016

Mockit Esports Signs New EU Team Including Paschy, Sikii, & ScrubKilla

On Monday, March 14th Mockit eSports signed a new European team to help usher in their new EU tournament series. While the EU Tournament schedule has not been announced yet, the team was pumped to join the Mock-it Ranks. The new Mockit EU team captain Paschy had this to say.

My teammates and I are excited to join the Mockit community. They have some incredibly exciting things in the pipeline and we are happy to join ranks with Low5ive, Rizzo, and Insolences. I’m very happy about this and hope we will work together for a long time!

Mockit eSports now boasts 2 Professional teams for the game Rocket League.  Mockit currently runs North American tournaments and events 6 nights per week. Host one of the largest Twitch streams for their viewers, subscribers and tournament going participants.

Mockit now has two professional teams. The North American team consists of streaming legend Low5ive, the quirky and funny Rizzo, and the one and only dcarmody32 aka Insolences.  The EU team consists now of Paschy, recently voted player of the year, the man the myth the legend Sikii, and 12 year old wunderkind phenom ScrubKilla. The managing partner of Mockit eSports, who goes by the handle of Luckey had this to say.

We could not be happier with both of our teams and the community we have built. At Mockit we are not only about winning, but also about bolstering a community where folks of all creeds can come and just have fun playing the game. Our discord server is now one of the top most successful servers in the world, and our stream on Twitch is becoming very large with some amazing fans who watch us regularly. With our new teams, we will be actively working bringing in EU fans into the fold of our already amazing Mockit fans we so endearingly call Mockit Heads!

Mockit will be announcing the details of their EU tournament series in the coming weeks along with some new items concerning LANs, a merchandise section on their webshop, and many other exciting things. Stay tuned and see what they come up with next.

Low5ive’s Editing Contest!

Hey guys! I’m Low5ive.

You might know me from my own stream on Twitch; my previous title as “that guy on the homepage;” or from the occasional appearances in Rocket Royale, RLCPL, or Mock-it tournaments. Now, I play Rocket League for Mock-it eSports alongside Rizzo and Insolences.


The Low Down:

I’ve been sitting on some Rocket League replays waiting for that special someone to come along and edit, but I’ve decided to release them in a public contest!  There are 51 clips in total that date all the way back to October, so not all of them are A+ material.  It’s a lot to go through and you might consider a fair number of them to be not so great, but I want to leave a wide selection so that the videos you all put together have plenty of variety.  I’d recommend going through them in order of newest to oldest (I’ll attach an appropriately sorted image below).

What’s in it for you?

The best video, judged by myself and a few others, will receive $100USD and the opportunity to edit a “teamtage” for our team, Mock-it eSports.  I’ll also feature the winning video on my YouTube channel and hype you up on Twitch.

The next two runner-ups will also have the chance to edit the “teamtage.”

  • 1st: $100USD, exposure, “teamtage” entry
  • 2nd: Teamtage entry
  • 3rd: Teamtage entry


The three best submissions for the “Low5ive” video will have the opportunity to piece together a video for Mock-it including Rizzo, Insolences, and myself.  These clips are already in order and they’re WAY cooler.

The best video from this selection will receive another $100USD and the chance to join the Mock-it Creative Team as a paid part-time position.

  • Winner: $100USD and a chance for a paid part-time job as a Creative Team member.


I’ve set the end date for “Phase 1” at March 24th. There is no video length requirement. Email your submissions to I’m stoked to see what you guys come up with.


Spread the word!








You have until March 24th to submit your videos to