We are pleased to announce our first ever Madden ’18 XBOX ONE tournament! The GAMER VS GOAT Mike Vick Madden Tournament will be a division-based league into playoffs. League play will be a Round Robin (per division) with Playoffs being a double-elimination bracket. The amount of divisions will be dependent on the amount of players that signup, and you may choose any of the 32 NFL teams. After signups close, we will randomly assign you a division where you will round robin your way through the league. If there is an indivisable amount of players, the “odd” division will battle it out old school style in a bracket. To advance into playoffs, you must finish within the top two of your division. When playing your matches, be sure you record or capture your victory/defeat for verification purposes and to avoid disputes. All matches played will be recorded in the Mockit discord #goat-vs-gamer channel @ You can also find help there with the admins and moderators if you have any questions! The tournament will begin Saturday October 7th. With the signups ending Wedesday October 4th at 7pm est . We will post the Groups and exact times you play on October 5th. The signups for this event are at on the matcherino page are ways in which you can contribute to the charities we are looking to help with this event. The winner of this tournament will have an expenses paid trip to the Vick house where he will compete against the GOAT, Mr Vick himself , in Madden 18 streamed live on .This will be held on the last weekend in October. If the winner of the qualification tournament beats Mike he will receive 100000 eBoost. The excitement is building get your spot before it is to late, signups end October 4th at 7pm Est. Good luck to all!!

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