New Mockit Website Design Launched

Introducing the new and improved website!  After Mockit Aces made the season 2 grand finals, the Mockit eSports organization decided that it was time for a branding and website makeover.  Over the course of a few months, the old website just didn’t seem like a good fit for Mockit eSports.  In addition to that, the website was recently moved over to a different hosting provider – and as a result, it started to perform slowly in terms of speed.

New website design built by BitVisuals Web Design & Internet Marketing

The following summary written by BitVisuals:

Website Design & Internet MarketingWhen planning the design for the new website, I focused mainly on unifying the new website design with the recently updated logo design.  Secondly, there needed to be several improvements regarding the website’s speed, SEO, and user experience.  As with every website design, I started by putting together a design mock-up for the home page.  We wanted to keep the focus on 3 things:  The Mockit Twitch stream, the Mockit Discord channel, and overall Mockit news.  After implementing these 3 things, I felt that there needed to be something to make the design different from the rest of the eSports team websites.  With a little trial and error, I finally put together a custom looping video background for the home page – and that definitely did the trick.  The home page instantly created a lasting impression with the new background.  From that point forward, the rest of the website design came together nicely.

Website Speed, Search Engine Optimization, and Usability

This part of the design process was pretty simple.  Since the website was built with speed in mind – there wasn’t much configuration needed for this.  I simply chose a template that didn’t utilize resource intensive plugins or javascript.  Make the website simple, and website speed will follow naturally.

The SEO process was also pretty simple.  Since the old Mockit website was only about 6 months old, I simply transferred all of the old posts and pages over to the new website.  After adjusting the page titles, image alt tags, and heading tags, the site was ready to be launched.  This of course is a simplified explanation of the design process.

Once finished and launched, the improvements to this website compared to the old one were immediately noticeable.  A brand refresh and website re-design is exactly what Mockit needed.

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